What is Patreon? Please read / listen.

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What is Patreon? Please read / listen.


I’ve been asked quite a few questions about Patreon recently so I decided to record a quick pod to answer some FAQs including –

  • What is it?
  • Why am I using it?
  • How does it help the show continue?
  • What does it mean to me?
  • How can I donate?
  • Why is it in dollars?


I also cover information on my upcoming book and the newsletter for the podcast which you can join here.  Why I have a Facebook Group and not a Page (which you can join here) and more!

If you have any more questions for me about free content, audience building or Patreon please let me know.

Please do listen to it. Even if you can’t donate I think it’s worth people knowing about the site and maybe in the future you can, but it’s useful information for all listeners / artists / creatives.

I only charge for podcast episodes. Which means this one was completely free and I didn’t charge anyone for it.

Also you can set a limit when you sign up so you never spend more than you can afford.

If you want to download the audio for this episode you can find it here. Just right click and select “save file as”.

Thanks for the support and for listening,





Simon Caine is a comedian, author, podcaster, writer and social media manager. He's the host of the Ask The Industry Podcast (iTunes link) , writer of jokes for Twitter and teller of gags on the London comedy scene. He's also the person writing this and it is taking all his willpower not to make a "Simon Says" joke.
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