Community Management

I’ve been a full time community manager for half a decade.

In the last 5 years I’ve worked for –

Haribo UK covering Facebook.
Tetley Tea Folk covering Facebook & Twitter.
Alpro soya covering Facebook & Twitter.
MAOAM covering Facebook.
Nature Valley UK & Ireland covering Facebook & Twitter.
Splenda covering Facebook.
Provamel covering Facebook.
Discovery Channel covering Facebook & Twitter.
KitKat covering Facebook.
Aero covering Facebook.
Hovis covering Facebook.
Mr Kipling covering Facebook.
Geek Squad UK covering Facebook & Twitter.
Carphone Warehouse covering Facebook & Twitter & Google+.
Marmite covering Facebook & Twitter.
Pot Noodle covering Twitter.

I’ve been involved in content generation and planning, strategy work, blogger outreach, data analytics, client pitches and more.

If you want me to ¬†create you a content calendar, come up with creative images for a campaign or just something funny for Twitter I’d love to work with you.

I’ve mainly worked with FMCG brands, but if yours doesn’t fit into that don’t let it put you off. I’m a highly creative and motivated person and I am sure I can help you social campaigns.

Want to talk more? Email me.

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