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writers block

Wasted words.

I’ve probably written a book so far this year. Or at the very least a short story. Only it’s not that simple. It’s in pieces. Chunks. Most likely you have a bit of it. On your phone. Or on your inbox. Maybe it was in your “other” folder on Facebook and nobody has ever read

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Dec 2015 Report

Summary of Dec 2015 – In December I had to find myself some day time freelance writing work. Thankfully I found about a couple of weeks worth. I also secured a contract for the whole of Jan which will (hopefully) pay off a lot of the festival bills I’ve picked up this month. I also

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There’s this girl.

There’s this girl A little while back I met a girl. I say “met”, we were introduced by a mutual friend over the internet. I say mutual friend, the mutual friend was another internet friend (I hope you’re able to follow this). The girl and I get on very well. Extremely well. Like, almost worryingly

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Walking Away

I don’t think this is a Buddhist idea, but I was told it to me by a Buddhist monk so I am going to assume they probably have a concept somewhere in their ideology which represents this. The idea is simple: you don’t have to finish something just because you started it. My laptop hard

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