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EP77 – Aditi Mittal – India’s first professional female comedian.

[ssba] Total run time: 1 hour 18 mins 59 secs. Ways to listen to the show… Subscribe using iTunes here. Download the individual episode by right clicking this link and clicking “save link as”. You can also add the RSS feed to your podcast app of choice with the non-iTunes link you can find here. Stream the […]


The Audio Time Capsule Podcast (test post)

Episode 1 Bec Hill About the podcast This is some test text. Here. Loads of test text. Test text test test test 1234. About the guest Loads of test text. [ssba] The Audio Time Capsule is a Fruit That Got In Gravity’s Way production for the internet. All elements were created by comedian Simon Caine.


Wasted words.

I’ve probably written a book so far this year. Or at the very least a short story. Only it’s not that simple. It’s in pieces. Chunks. Most likely you have a bit of it. On your phone. Or on your inbox. Maybe it was in your “other” folder on Facebook and nobody has ever read […]


Dec 2015 Report

Summary of Dec 2015 – In December I had to find myself some day time freelance writing work. Thankfully I found about a couple of weeks worth. I also secured a contract for the whole of Jan which will (hopefully) pay off a lot of the festival bills I’ve picked up this month. I also […]

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