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Other Podcasts I’ve been on…

Sometimes other podcasters ask me to come on their shows. Here’s an on going list of those episodes. If you’d like me on your podcast just email me and I’ll see if I can do it. 2017 Banging Book Club Hello! We are Banging Book Club, three friends who decided to read a book about

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The Audio Time Capsule Podcast (test post)

Episode 1 Bec Hill About the podcast This is some test text. Here. Loads of test text. Test text test test test 1234. About the guest Loads of test text. The Audio Time Capsule is a Fruit That Got In Gravity’s Way production for the internet. All elements were created by comedian Simon Caine.

writers block

Wasted words.

I’ve probably written a book so far this year. Or at the very least a short story. Only it’s not that simple. It’s in pieces. Chunks. Most likely you have a bit of it. On your phone. Or on your inbox. Maybe it was in your “other” folder on Facebook and nobody has ever read

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Dec 2015 Report

Summary of Dec 2015 – In December I had to find myself some day time freelance writing work. Thankfully I found about a couple of weeks worth. I also secured a contract for the whole of Jan which will (hopefully) pay off a lot of the festival bills I’ve picked up this month. I also

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There’s this girl.

There’s this girl A little while back I met a girl. I say “met”, we were introduced by a mutual friend over the internet. I say mutual friend, the mutual friend was another internet friend (I hope you’re able to follow this). The girl and I get on very well. Extremely well. Like, almost worryingly

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