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Gender and Dr Pepper

I’m not sure why I do this. I’ve only just noticed I do it. I think I do it because I know or feel like some people might judge the female I’m talking to differently to the men. It’s sad I do that. But I guess I want there to be a level playing field […]

Daily Blog

Permission to Land

I worry. A lot. It’s kinda my thing. I say my thing. I didn’t mean to downplay any other worriers out there. We can share it. Oh God, I hope I didn’t offend you. Please , I’m so sorry. Forget I said anything. I’ll just be in my room. (The irony is I don’t really […]

Daily Blog


When I get overwhelmed I make bad choices. Either that or I become paralysed and do nothing. It’s kinda my kryptonite. I can get overwhelmed from things that other people think are mild. Things like deadlines are almost always a good thing for me (even if they’re self imposed). I find taking on tasks more […]

Daily Blog


Sometimes I feel like I have a love hate relationship with feelings. I love feeling things but also hate it. I’ve been thinking about nihilism recently. For those of you who don’t know… nihilism is means “nothing” in Latin, which is a dead language… ironically the words meaning has lost all meaning and is now worth […]

Daily Blog

Day 16: Tribes

We’re all searching for a sense of belonging. This could be in the small sense like finding a friend or a wider sense by finding a group of like minded people to work with. Belonging is really important to people. Even in a bigger picture knowing yourself and feeling comfortable with who you are is a sense […]

Daily Blog

Day 12 – struggling to write.

These are becoming hard and harder to do. On days when I’m working I don’t really get a minute to think. The plus side of then is I get to log out of my phone (air plane mode) and scribble down some thoughts. It’s nice. It feels calming. The fact these are getting around 50 […]

Daily Blog

Day 11 – Perception.

Perception is limited. That sounds obvious, but we forget it really quickly. Our perception is made up by the limited stuff we see, hear, smell and touch. “Our past shapes our future” is true because no matter how hard we try, buried in our minds is what we have been through and it is something […]

Daily Blog

Day 10 – Starting things

I’ve never been very good at the “middle” or “end of “doing things”. Starting projects I’m very good at. But keeping them going… not so much. And finishing them, I hate even more. Recently I finished writing my 2nd book. It was anticlimactic at best. I was sat in my onesie in my bedroom in […]

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