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Some thoughts on comedy uniforms

At the end of 2014 I was introduced to the 6 items of clothing or less challenge. I’ve still not done it. The basic principle is that you pick your favourite 6 items of clothing and only wear them for the month. This does not include socks, pants, jackets, shoes or accessories. Part of the

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EP 18 – Jill Edwards – Comic Boom promoter and comedy tutor

  Total run time: 2 hour 18 mins 01 secs. Ways to listen to the show… Subscribe using iTunes here. Download the individual episode by right clicking this link and clicking “save link as”. You can also add the RSS feed to your podcast app of choice with the non-iTunes link you can find here. Stream the episode

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There’s no app for this.

This morning I did something drastic (at least by my standards). I deleted every app on my phone. That’s half true. I have a Google Nexus 5 which means I cannot delete a lot of Google’s own apps. This frustrates me as frankly I purchased the handset, I should get a say in what’s on

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Why I (sort of) quit Facebook.

Sometimes I write something so personal I have to think twice before hitting “publish”. This is one of those times. For the first time in months my email inbox is empty. There’s a false sense of achievement in this. Particularly for a performer who does all their own admin.  I used to think a large

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