Upcoming Gigs

Hello there… Here’s my public calendar of things, places, gigs and stuff I’ll be at / doing in the foreseeable future. Everything in this has been confirmed and is sorted (at the date of publishing… comedy, writing and podcasting is a fickle industry and randomly stuff can get cancelled last minute. If you’re not sure what’s going on, feel free to email me to check).

I am on tour! That’s right… and although the dates for said tour are listed below they’re in a much easier to read page here. If you can only come see me at one thing, I’d prefer it to be at a show I am putting on rather than a club. But either is awesome. 

PS If you come down to see me, do come say hi. Or you can tweet me ahead of time to let me know. It’s not weird. I find it flattering and love meeting people who enjoy my work. 🙂

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