The books, shows and performers the comedy industry experts recommend you look up.

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The books, shows and performers the comedy industry experts recommend you look up.

After 1 year of podcasting and 34 episodes I thought I’d make a blog summarising the books, DVDs, shows, podcasts and things that the industry experts have recommended we should look up / buy.

Full disclosure… some of the links below are Amazon Affiliate ones. This basically means if you click them and buy the thing I will get about 10p per item you buy. It does not cost you any more, but all the money that comes in gets recycled back into the show, so please do use them if you want to support the show. 

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Here we go…

EP 01 – Hils Jago (Founder of Amused Moose Comedy Clubs)

Books – 

Logan Murray – How to be a great stand up (Logan’s book).

Mark SteelRunner bean book.

Sally Holloway’s “A Serious Guide To Joke Writing” book.

Shows / DVDs –

Jack WhitehallLive stand up.

Comedians – 

Steve Best

Jimmy Carr

Mike Wilmot

EP 02 – Alex Petty (Founder of Laughing Horse Comedy Clubs and the Edinburgh Free Fringe)

Books – 

Phil KayThe Wholly Viable

Malcolm HardeeI Stole Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Cake.

Benny HillFunny, Peculiar

Jimmy CarrThe Naked Jape.

Tony AllenWana make something of it?

Favourite comedians –

Daniel Kiston.

John Gordillo.

DVD / show recommendations – 

Monty Python

EP 03 – Julian Hall – (comedy reviewer for The Independent newspaper / Fringe PR expert / Author)

Favourite comedians – 

Bill Hicks

Doug Stanhope

Bill Burr

Show / DVD recommendations – 

Liam Williams

John Kearns

Luisa Omielan

EP 05 – David Quantick (TV / radio writer for The Day Today, Brass Eye and Spitting Image as well as author)

Book recommendations – 

The Mule

How To Be A Writer

Steven Kings book on writing

William Goldmans Adventures in the screen trade.

How to write everything by David Quantick

Favourite comedians – 

Stewart Lee

Eddie Izzard

Ross Noble

Al Murray

EP 06 – Bruce Dessau – reviewer at the London Evening Standard & Founder of Uncategorized

Book / podcast recommendations – 

Julian Hall Podcast

How I Escaped My Certain Fate by Stewart Lee

Ruby Wax – Sane New World

Kevin Bridges biography

Omij Diliies biography

Favourite Comedians – 

Josie Long

Stewart Lee

Daniel Kitson

EP 11 – Geoff Whiting – Founder and owner of Mirth Control Comedy Clubs and Management

Book recommendations – 

Gene PerretNew Comedy Writing Step by Step

“He is always right. Simple things like, when you walk out, take the mic out the stand, then move the stand to one side. Don’t act like you’re worried to touch the mic. Or hide behind it. He’s always right.”

Comedian to look up – 

Chris Dangerfield

Matt Price

Alan Francis

Eddie Peppertone

Marcel Lucont

Sol Bernstein

Earl Okin

Svetlana the Oligarch’s Wife

EP 12 – Bob Slayer – Why He Hates Comedy But Loves The Fringe…

Favouite comedians –

DVD / Show recommendations – 

  • John Pinette – I Say Nay Nay
  • Jethro
  • Dusty Bin (Ted Rogers)
  • Doug Stanhope

Book Recommendations – 

EP 13 – Sean Brightman – How To Make The Most Of Your Edinburgh Fringe Programme Listing

Design Book recommendations – 

EP 14 – Kate Copstick – Head reviewer for the Scotsman Newspaper at the Edinburgh Fringe

Favourite comedians / performers to look up –

EP 16 – Liz Miele – How to go viral and build an online fan base.


Social media book recommendations – 

EP 17 – Neil Mackinnon – Edinburgh Fringe Head of External Affairs

Book recommendations – 

EP 18 – Jill Edwards – Promoter at Comic Boom & Comedy Tutor.

Comedian recommendations – 

  1. Chris Sav
  2. Evelyn Mok
  3. Barry Ferns
  4. Angela Barnes
  5. Romesh Ranganathan
  6. Masud Milas
  7. Harriet Kemsley
  8. Sam Savage

EP 20 – Joe Lycett

Favourite comedians – 

  1. Lou Sanders
  2. Julian Deane
  3. Sara Pascoe
  4. Sarah Kendall
  5. Joe Wilkinson
  6. Russell Brand
  7. Alan Carr
  8. Fiona O’Loughlin
  9. Louis CK

EP 21 – Alfie Noakes – How To Build A Community Around A Comedy Club

Favourite comedians – 

EP 23 – Bec Hill – Potential life saver #SimonShat

Book recommendations – 

EP 25 – Geoff Rowe – Founder Of The Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.

Favourite comedians –

Book recommendations –

EP 26 – Charlotte Austin – Agent and co-founder at CatFace Talent

Book / DVD recommendations –

  1. Monty Python
  2. Jim Davidson
  3. Only Fools and Horses

EP 27 – Aidan Goatley – What’s it like taking the same show to the Edinburgh Fringe for 5 consecutive years?

Favourite comedian –

  1. Billy Connolly

Book recommendations –

  1. Stewart Lee – How I Escaped My Certain Fate
  2. Douglas Adams

EP 28 – Ben Williams – Comedy Editor at Time Out

Favorite comedians –

  1. Stewart Lee
  2. Tim Key
  3. Bo Burnham
  4. Sara Pascoe
  5. Bridget Christie

DVD / Show recommendations –

  1. Bo Burnham – What
  2. Stewart Lee – 90s Comedian
  3. Tim Keys – Master Slut 

EP 29 – Oliver Double – Author of Getting The Joke on the history (and future) of stand up comedy

People / comedians / things to look up –

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