Monthly Report – Nov 2016

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Monthly Report – Nov 2016

Summary of Nov 2016 –

This month was easily the hardest of the year (so far… still have December to go. Although I am writing this mid-December so I am 99% sure it’s not going to be as much work). I had 3 days off (I worked 7 days a week for almost all of it on 2 writing jobs) as well as gigging / podcasting / vlogging etc etc. I’m not complaining, it was all self imposed but in the future I am going to need to scale back how much I say yes to.

Personal highlight of the month was finishing off the Buddhism and Cats tour in Nottingham [watch the vlog here]. I signed up to Glasgow Fringe with it. Given the show was cancelled earlier in the year because of a football match I just see that as “a second attempt” at the tour date rather than dragging it out for another showing. Also I did a run at the Stand [vlog here] which was amazingly fun. And was a follow up to the 5 minute spot I did for them earlier in the year [watch that here].

I think this month I mainly learned that London is not the place for me. I adore it. But I am priced out in terms of rent (I moved out of my parents house this month as well… I hope forever, but it’s not looking likely) and there’s two circuits: the open mic one and the pro one that you can’t get on for love nor money (I bet you could pay to be on some of the gigs but they wouldn’t be worth doing). I’m not jaded or bitter, it’s just a fact that the “pro nights” seem to be tied up with the same performers. So I need to decide where I am going to move to that’s sustainable.

Vlogumentary. [YouTube Channel | Watch the Series] –

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Podcasts made / released. [iTunes | Web link]

EP 67 Armando Iannucci – I’m not a political satirist!
EP 68 Simon Abrahams – CEO of the Melbourne Fringe

Future prep. [Upcoming gigs page]

How many future gigs did you book? 5
How many future podcast guests did you book? 5

Other Projects / Things

  • Recorded 2 pods for the new podcast (The Comedians Time Capsule, coming 2017).
  • Made 2 videos blogs about gigging and began to “go weekly”. [watch them all here].
  • Finished my tour! 
  • Sorted my room for my new show in Edinburgh and applied for the Great Yorkshire Fringe.
  • Found a venue / space for a new comedy night I am hoping to start in Jan.
  • Began a new podcast about dating with my friend Dan [Facebook group | Link to episode 1]
  • Worked 28 days as a writer.
  • Yelled A LOT at Amazon for not getting the book out and not giving me a fixed date (Black Friday and Thankgiving seems to have got in the way of my schedule… (I hope, I really hope, it’s out when you read I know I said this last month but I’ve seen it going through on the dashboard). [get a copy here or email me for more info]


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Comedy at the Crown [unpaid | new material]
2 3 4
Moved out of my parents house.
Nottingham Comedy Festival [paid]
Podcast pilot day [listen here]


Bury St Edmunds gig [Paid]
12  13
Manchester Comedy Store [unpaid | Vlog]
14 15  16 17 18 19
Mental health pod recordings with Carl Donnely and Holli Dillion

The Stand Edinburgh [unpaid]
The Stand Glasgow [unpaid]

Comedy Cresh [Unpaid]

The Stand Newcastle [unpaid]

RADA Comedy [Unpaid]

Charity gig Luton [paid, but donated to the charity]

26 27

28 29

Chris Sussman pod recording



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