Monthly Report – May 2016

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Monthly Report – May 2016

Summary of May 2016 –

Can’t believe I’ve been doing these 5 months now. The time has actually flown by and these are driving me to do more interesting things (the last monthly report got a few hundred hits on it in the first 24 hours… and the insecure side of me doesn’t want those people to think I am not interesting). 

I suppose the first (and most obvious) thing I did this month was rejig the layout of these. I am finding these easier to fill out and see what has been done (and what hasn’t). 

I did a bunch of tour dates this month as well as a record number of both gigs as well as paid gigs. I earned more money from this month from performing than I ever have done and I am pretty proud of that. 

Vlogumentary. [YouTube Channel | Watch the Series] –

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Podcasts made / released. [iTunes | Web link]

EP 47 Ally Wilson – Head of Live at CKP Productions
EP 48 David Mulholland – Big Cheese at the Soho Comedy Club
EP 49 The European Comedy Festival Network – Live Q&A

Future prep. [Upcoming gigs page]

How many future gigs did you book? 50
How many future podcast guests did you book? 2

Other Projects / Things

  • Rebooted my video blog to be a much higher quality [watch it here].
  • Did 9 shows at the Brighton Fringe [Report here]
  • Did 2 tour shows [see the full dates here & the review is in the Vlogumentary.]
  • My podcast won a “bursary” which is all going into the conference later in the year.
  • I sold some more books! (still available, please email me for more info – £5 digital, £11 paperback including UK P&P!)
  • The ATI Podcast hit 100,000 downloads 🙂



Pod with Earl Okin
 2  3  4  5
Charity Gig.Surrey Uni (unpaid)
Yellow Comedy – Middle Spot (unpaid)
7  8
Story Telling Workshop –
Matt Price Pod
Instant Laughs PreviewHammersmith (Paid)
10  11 12 13
Charity gig – Maidstone (unpaid)
Joke Klub – Faversham (Expenses)
Pick of the Fringe (unpaid)
Buddhism & Cats – Brighton Fringe
Henry Normal Pod
Buddhism & Cats – Brighton Fringe 
Pick of the Fringe (unpaid)
Mick Perrin Pod
Buddhism & Cats – Brighton
Pick of the Fringe (unpaid)
18 19
Fly in the OintmentHitchin (paid)
Out of Bounds Comedy (middle – progression) 
Cafe Mode (London)Early & late show(both paid)
Human-In-Progress – Brighton Fringe (bucket)Buddhism & Cats – Brighton Fringe (bucket)Pick of the Fringe (unpaid)
Human-In-Progress – Brighton Fringe (bucket)Buddhism & Cats – Brighton Fringe (bucket)Pick of the Fringe (unpaid)
Human-In-Progress – Brighton Fringe (bucket)Buddhism & Cats – Brighton Fringe (bucket)Pick of the Fringe (unpaid)
Buddhism & Cats – Canterbury (paid)
Comedy Cottage – Surrey (paid)
Proper Funny – Leicester (unpaid)
Buddhism & Cats – Loughborough (bucket)
Gag Reflex – Manchester (unpaid progression)



Simon Caine is a comedian, author, podcaster, writer and social media manager. He's the host of the Ask The Industry Podcast (iTunes link) , writer of jokes for Twitter and teller of gags on the London comedy scene. He's also the person writing this and it is taking all his willpower not to make a "Simon Says" joke.
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