Monthly Report – Nov 2015

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Monthly Report – Nov 2015

Summery of the month –

So… this is month 1 of my reports. Kinda scared of doing them. Already I feel like I’m not doing enough, which has given me a motivation boost to book more things in… so it can’t be all bad. It’s nice to look back on what I am doing and see the “wood from the trees”. I think we can just watch time and projects fly by sometimes. Spending a minute reflecting is good and gives me a sense of pride. 

I was away for about half the month in Hawaii on holiday so that impacted stuff. Also I took time off gigging / podcast to finish my book. This feels like I’m making an excuse for not gigging enough but it’s sadly all I’ve got. 

Gig breakdown –

Date Gig Name Position Other info Daily Blog
11th Back from my holiday Back from my holiday Back from my holiday  
14th  School fundraiser gig  Middle Paid  
17th Gig in Oxford  Middle Expenses  
18th  Ben Walker Podcast Recording      
20th Luton Hat Factory Opening Unpaid  Walking old ladies
21st        Karma
22nd        Bank Balance
23rd  Published a podcast  Ben Walker (behind the scenes of award winning podcasts)    Gender Identity
24th  Finished writing my book!  Finished writing my book!  Finished writing my book!  Virginity
25th        Marriage is weird.
26th  Gig Cancelled Gig Cancelled Gig Cancelled One week 
27th       Black Friday 
28th       demand vs asking 
29th       starting things 
30th  Jolly Rodger Comedy  Middle Unpaid  perception

Future prep –

How many future gigs did you book? 6
 How many future podcast guests did you book? 3

Podcasts made / released –

EP 35 Ben Walker 23rd Nov 2015

Other Projects –



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