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I have a mailing list (original I know).

I love it more than social media because you can email me back directly and because the number of subscribers is private I don’t feel in competition with anyone. It also means I can customise the emails to just YOU when I’m coming to your town / city / living room.

Being an indie comedian with no agent, PR or team behind me this is the lifeblood / backbone of my audience so I thank you for even coming this far… now sign up.

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Marketing Permissions

Due to fun and exciting GDPR changes thanks to companies misusing our data I now need to specifically ask you what you want to hear about from me. You can select everything which sounds like you’re going to be getting a ton of info, but I’m actually really lazy and you’ll get around 3 emails per year max with any option.

You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of EVERY email you receive from me. I won’t take it personally, but I will hold it against you forever.  Or you can contact me at and ask me directly to remove you from the list which won’t hurt at all.

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