Indie Guides

I am a comedian, podcaster, writer, author and blogger… I’ve combined all of these things to start producing “indie guides”. These are basically blogs of things I’ve written which explain how to do something as a solo comedian. These can be things like prepping for a Festival or getting high quality posters etc.

Have a browse below… I hope they help you.

Edinburgh Fringe

  • An Indie Comedians Guide To Planning Your Edinburgh Fringe Show
    Looking at going to the Edinburgh Fringe? Cool… it’s a lot of prep work. As of 2015 I’ve done 3 festivals, interviewed loads of experts and I know that for this festival specifically you need to start planning as early as the August the year before… here’s my month-by-month guide.
  • An Indie Comedian’s Guide To Fringe Flyer Printing
    Buying flyers can be a mine field. What paper weight do you need? How many posters? How much should I budget? I’ve tried to answer all these questions and more… Here’s a chart of the cost of printing for a bunch of different printing sites (all numbers are right as of 2015… It’s going to be too much maintenance for me to keep this up-to-date but I hope it helps).
  • An Indie Comedian’s Guide To Picking an Edinburgh Fringe Promoter
    Can’t decide which venue / promoter to go with? Fear not. I am on a mission to interview all the key figures at all the big venues at the Fringe and let you hear how they operate and what mistakes to avoid. 

UK Festivals

  • An Indie Guide To British Comedy Festivals
    Here’s an on going list of UK Comedy Festivals… when they are… when you need to apply and (where applicable) a podcast interview with the influential people who run it.


  • An Indie Comedians Gude To Setting Up A Podcast
    Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Of course you do… you’re a comedian. We’ve all got one. Well, if you’ve never done it before it can be a little daunting so I’ve written this guide to the basics.

PR / Marketing

  • An Indie Comedians Guide To Writing A Press Release
    If you’re anything like me then you’ll never have had to write a press release before becoming a comedian… as a result you’ll have no clue what is / isn’t meant to go into it. I’ve rung up a bunch of national and local publications and asked the people who read your press release what they want… here’s my on going list of what they want to see from you.
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