Day 7 – One week

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Day 7 – One week

It’s been one week since you looked at me cocked your head to one side and said “I’m angry”

No this post is not going to just contain the lyrics from the Bare Naked Ladies. But I am sort of proud I’ve been doing this a week. I’m sure it’s starting to drive a few people mad but I read a thing a few days ago which said that you need to write 1 million words to be a “good writer” (whatever that means). So by blogging every day I am guessing I am bringing myself slightly closer to that target.

Although much like people say “it takes 100 gigs to know if you’re any good at stand up” I am guessing it’s going to take me 2 years to know if I am any good at blogging. And by that point it’s too late to get any of that time back… but I guess I wasn’t going to anything else with this time anyway.

I’m really enjoying this project. I would recommend it anyone. It’s like doing “morning pages” but in the evening and about a subject rather than me.

When I was in America I spent more money than I should have done on a 5-minute journal which has been one of the best purchases I’ve got this year I’d highly recommend it to anyone who needs routine and a bit more stability in their days. In the journal they explain that it takes 5 consecutive days of doing something for it to become a habit (so this blog is now firmly in my life / mind, for better or worse). A lot can happen in a week and arguably I could be using this time for something else, but honestly, I’d only end up scrolling Facebook or something just as useless. I am reading a book called the Buddha In Your Mirror and I’ve just past a chapter which explained that in a lot of religions you pray for god to give you the strength to do something, whereas in Buddhism you chant to clear your head and work out how to achieve your goals, which is something the DIY side of me REALLY prefers.

I’ve also become obsessed this year with morning routines. I’ve been meaning to get the book on the subject. Making the first 10-30 minutes of your day about you is so important and sets you up for the rest of the day. I have a post it which is placed opposite where I often wake up looking which just says “smile”. It’s mainly for me to get a nudge and a reminder to smile first thing, within moments of waking up. Smiling releases endorphins and really makes the first bit of your day (if, like me, you’re not a morning person) slightly more bearable. But again this comes down to a routine.

Last year I was told that you’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with more. Not you’re average by comparison, just that you’re the average of them because you pick up things and a world view from them. Think about that… think about the impact you have on the people you see most and vice versa. It’s amazing. And again, we’re creatures of habit, so forming bonds with people and seeing them often leads to who you are now. In Buddhism there’s an idea that you can “time travel” and see the future by taking who you are now and what you’re doing and fast forwarding in your mind to 5 years time and questioning if that’s who you want to be and be around. So you can change the future by looking at now and going from there. So the ideas you have now, no matter how small become commitments and you have to face that reality early. And with that, I’m off to bed.


I also made a video today about content and focusing on improvement before anything else. You can watch it below or watch it in another window here.



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