Day 3 : Checking my bank balance

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Day 3 : Checking my bank balance

I haven’t actually looked at my bank for weeks, maybe a month. I think the last time I properly checked it was when I got back from Edinburgh and I only just got round to opening my statements for the last two months today (moving house, post being redirected etc etc).

Today was a mixed bag. A slow start, followed by a productive afternoon. I’m about 1 maybe 2 days away from finishing my book. I am so excited about getting that out early next year. It has been two years in the making and frankly, it’s overdue.

I wrote some funny things for the internet, which sounds boring but I’m really happy about that. It means a lot to me when people enjoy my writing. I like that it brings them a sense of happiness. I just need to take time off from doing that to book some goddam gigs. I’m low on them and if I am going to start doing gig reports from this month it’s key that I get as many good gigs as possible in the calendar.

I also need to work out how I am going to make money. It sounds silly but I am haemorrhaging cash right now. I did have some work lined up but that went out the window. So now I am back to the olde job applications.

I think it’s interesting how many performers (in all trades) have jobs. It really helps to stop you feeling like you’re not doing “that well” in your industry. I have just taken a sleeping pill in an attempt to get a good nights sleep, so this blog is going to be cut off early. But rest assured tomorrow’s one will be… it will be.



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