Day 2: Karma.

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Day 2: Karma.

Had a weird moment today when I realised I’ve started my daily blog earlier in life than Richard Herring… so all I need to do is outlive him and I’ve got the record for the longest running daily blog by a comedian. So at least my headstone and eulogy will have something in it.

I spent the day writing my book and reading The Buddha In Your Mirror. I am 1 chapter away from completing the book. I’ve lined up an awesome person to design the front cover and think I’ve found a copy editor… so then all I need to do is making the crowdfunding campaign and content and it’s ready to go. (Writing stuff down makes it sound really easy).

It’s quite awkward because I’ve not got the most amount to say today. I feared this would happen. I’d have a “boring day” when I only do one or two things and I’d have to two write about them. Then someone would come along and read it and think I’m the most boring person alive. Here I am, Day 2 and it has already happened.

I think the thing about this task is it’s nice to just type away what I am thinking. I’m kinda treating them like my “morning pages” from the Artists Way only I do them at the end of the day. That might change as I’ve installed the WordPress app on my phone so now I can blog on the go. Yes, I’m a lean mean blogging machine (quality and results might vary).

Last night one of the big things I read about was the concept of Karma. The last time I learned anything on the subject was when I used to watch the TV show “My Name Is Earl“. The main thing I liked about reading into it in more detail is that there’s (broadly speaking) two types of Karam: good and bad. But three forms of Karmic action: thought, word and deed.

Karma is your “bank balance” of your life and much like your real credit history) you can’t escape your past. You have to just live with it. BUT as with all things in Buddhism, we have the power to change our Karma though the three forms.

So instead of getting caught up in my past Karma I am going to work to have the best possible Karma foe the future by making sure my words, actions and thoughts are as positive as they can be. This way should I get an attack of depression I have a bank of good thoughts, projects, words, deeds and people around me to help.

I’ve also done my best to avoid social media today. I feel much more productive and happy. I think a lot of my “I never get anything done” feeling came from wasting time on social media rather than getting stuff done offline. Even this blog I have managed to get done because i took 10 minutes off Facebook to note down the days thoughts. I think this blog was a good call.



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