Day 12 – struggling to write.

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Day 12 – struggling to write.

These are becoming hard and harder to do. On days when I’m working I don’t really get a minute to think. The plus side of then is I get to log out of my phone (air plane mode) and scribble down some thoughts.

It’s nice. It feels calming. The fact these are getting around 50 hits means I’m pretty nobody is reading them which means I get the false sense of achievement for putting up come content without any of the potential feedback.

I started my monthly reports today (because I haven’t got enough unpaid projects on the go). They’re useful to me as a motivator but also useful to reflect. I think reflection is underrated. Taking a minute to relax and feel proud is not self indulgent. It can be. But it doesn’t have to be. I liked collating all my work into a page where I can feel proud of writing daily and not missing a day (for example). Knowing that I’ve had pods go live and when. No idea why the when matters right now. I’m sure it will in the future. One of the big things you’re taught in computer programming is have a time stamp on everything.

Speaking of time stamps. The countdown is on to the book launch. This weekend I’m going to spend time plotting and planning it out with almost a homicidal sense of urgency and timing. I need to create content around the campaign as well as the book itself and then do the pricing and… You get the picture. The level of admin involved alone is mind blowing. I’m worried I won’t have time to do it all to be honest, but logging off Facebook will free up 3 hours a day (give or take an hour). I’ve decided to write it all up in an indie guide. To help (and put) off others. With that, I’m done with today’s post.



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