Buddhism And Cats 2016 Tour

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Buddhism And Cats 2016 Tour

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Tour Info…
 I could bore you with the press release but honestly, I don’t think people who are on this page are interested in that. 

Basically the show is about over thinking life, and trying not to do that, and failing to not do that and how that impacts on every area of your life stopping you living and being ultimately unhappy (I promise it’s very very funny). 
Something (I feel) you should know…
Something you should know about me is I’ve been performing stand up comedy for 5 years. This show took me 2 years to write. I’ve done over 700 gigs all over the UK and I feel I know what I am doing (as best you can in this industry). However…
I do not have an agent. I don’t have a tour manager. I don’t have any PR. I am a completely independent comedian. As a result I’ve sorted this tour out myself. Which feels great to say / type but has it’s own set of issues. Largely, there’s only so much 1 man can do in a day. 
If you are able to help me promote any of the shows, please do. You can email me directly here – simon.m.caine@gmail.com or tweet me @thismademecool
I only mention this because I think it’s worth you knowing that the reason I am able to tour at such low ticket prices (or “free” in some places) is because I’ve kept the costs immensely low by doing it all myself. 
A word about “free”shows…
I love the ethos of doing a show for “free”. Doing something for the love of it is great, on paper. But sadly, everyone else in the world doesn’t go along with it and so I do need to earn money. Where possible I do my show and don’t charge entry. This allows you (yes YOU!) the chance to “give me a go” with little to no commitment and then at the end I ask you to “pay what you think it’s worth / you can afford”.The other problem this throws up is that I can drive for up to 3 hours to a venue and not have a clue how many people are going to come and watch me. This lifestyle / job is scary enough without having to have anxiety attacks that nobody will be coming to see you because you haven’t sold tickets upfront. Anyway, enough of my inner turmoil. To combat this I create free ticket links on EventBrite. By signing up for one of those it allows me to be calm about how many people are coming to watch me in a city. So if I am coming to your city and it’s a free show… PLEASE do me a solid and RSVP to the Facebook event (that helps me get a little bit more exposure which is invaluable, but we all know that RSVPing “attending” on Facebook doesn’t always mean we go). So also sign up for a free ticket on EventBrite. Thanks for the support. It really does mean the world.
Tour Dates
Date Start Time City Venue Map FB Event EventBrite Other links Cost
15th  3pm Bath Brew House  Map Link     £5
27th  7pm Kent Art Lounge Cafe  Map Link FREE
15th  7.45pm Brighton Caroline Of Brunswich  Map Link  Link   FREE
16th  7.45pm Brighton Caroline Of Brunswich  Map Link  Link   FREE
17th  7.45pm Brighton Caroline Of Brunswich  Map Link  Link   FREE
23rd  7.45pm Brighton Caroline Of Brunswich  Map Link  Link   FREE
24th  7.45pm Brighton Caroline Of Brunswich  Map Link  Link   FREE
25th  7.45pm Brighton Caroline Of Brunswich  Map Link  Link   FREE
26th  8pm Canterbury The Jolly Sailor  Map Link     FREE
30th  8pm Loughborough The Organ Grinder Woodgate  Map Link     £3
1st  7.30pm Derby The Maypole  Map Link     £4.50 (+50p booking fee)
9th   Windsor The Firestation  Map Link     £7
12th  8pm Edinburgh The Beehive  Map Link
16th  8pm Glasgow DRAM!  Map Link Link   FREE
17th  9pm Leith The Elbe Room  Map Link     FREE
24th  8pm Hastings Whistle Trago  Map Link     FREE
2nd 3.30pm Shaftesbury The Mitre  Map Link  Link   Free
4th Oxford  {TBC}         FREE {charity gig}
5th 7.30pm Woking Cellar Magneval  Map Link     £5 (+50p booking fee)
14th 7.30pm Fleet Cellar Magneval  Map Link     £5 (+50p booking fee)
18th  8.30pm Milton Keynes Chrysalis Theatre  Map Link     £5
19th  7.30pm Norwich The Bicycle Shop  Map Link     £5
21st 7pm Guildford The Back Room  Map Link     £6 (+£1 booking fee)
23rd 9pm Reading Watlington House  Map Link     £8
24th 6pm Reading Purple Turtle  Map Link     £8
29th 7pm Liverpool 81 Renshaw  Map     Free
5th 7.30pm Nottingham Malt Cross  Map   £5 




Simon Caine is a comedian, author, podcaster, writer and social media manager. He's the host of the Ask The Industry Podcast (iTunes link) , writer of jokes for Twitter and teller of gags on the London comedy scene. He's also the person writing this and it is taking all his willpower not to make a "Simon Says" joke.
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