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Launched in November 2017 this is the Audio Time Capsule Podcast where Simon Caine (me) asks a guest on to leave 20 questions then a year later they come back on and answer them. I then edit it so the guest is talking to their past self. 

At the time of writing this only one episode (with Adam Bloom) has gone live so it’s hard to say how popular it is or brag about it but in the first 3 days it has 8 five star reviews on iTunes. Here are some quotes from industry people who listened to the pilot:

  • “Simon is the king of podcasts” – Mike Leigh from MLA Talent
  • “What you’re doing is great, it’s just nobody understands it yet.” – Iain Coyle, Comedy Commissioner at Dave TV.
  • “This will make a brilliant radio show” – Tilusha Ghelani, Commissioner at Sky TV
  • “This is a fantastic idea.” – Chris Sussman, Head of Comedy at BBC studios.

The episodes are listed below (starting with the most recent episode). Your best off Subscribing in either iTunes or Stitcher (or using this feed in the podcast player of your choice) so you know when the next episode is out.

The show is ostensibly about time travel. In reality it’s a chance for the guest to ask themselves all the questions they wish an interviewer would ask but can’t because they don’t know what they’re thinking.

Support the podcast! If you love the content I am making, and although the episodes are free, my time can’t be. so if you value what I am doing please take a minute to think about donating using the PayPal button on the left or by becoming a Patreon and giving a regular tip per episode! Only give what you can and what you think the podcast is worth. All money goes back into the running of the show. Thanks :)

Here’s a list of every live episode (starting with the most recent first) -


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