An Indie Comedians Guide To Helping you Pick A Promoter at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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An Indie Comedians Guide To Helping you Pick A Promoter at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Looking at doing a (comedy?) show at the Edinburgh Fringe and not sure who to go with? Below is a list of all the venues and links to interviews (where applicable). If you want to learn more about the Edinburgh Fringe, feel free to browse the podcast [iTunes] or the Fringe subcategory of the podcast

If you’re planning an Edinburgh Fringe show you can also find the Indie Guides to sorting out your show step by step here. Oh and if you’re struggling to write a press release, I’ve interviewed a bunch of PRs and journos and you can find their advice here.

If the podcast interview isn’t out yet, your best bet is to Subscribe to the podcast to get an alert when the interview goes live. 

Also this list is not comprehensive. It’s on going. If you want me to add a venue just email me.

Paid Fringe (“Big 4”)…
Gilded Balloon Udder Belly Pleasance Assembly
rsz_gilded-balloon-logo1 rsz_fringe-header-logo-purple rsz_pleasancelogo_colour_high_res0 Assembly
Podcast with Karen Koren Podcast coming soon Podcast with Ryan Taylor Podcast coming soon


The middle ones…
  Sweet Venues Just The Tonic Monkey Barrell Comedy 
rsz_sweet-venues-logo JTT rsz_monkey
Podcast with JD Henshaw Podcast with Darren Martin Podcast with Ben Vert


Free Fringe / Festival…
Laughing Horse PBH
rsz_lhnewlogo1 rsz_pbh-logo
Podcast with Alex Petty Pod coming soon



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