EP97 – Peter Fellows – How to build a mainstream and indie writing career at the same time.

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EP97 – Peter Fellows – How to build a mainstream and indie writing career at the same time.


Total run time: 1 hour 22 mins 03 secs.

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About Peter Fellows…

Peter is a film writing, actor, producer, director and basically anything that is involved in movie and film making from the script to the post-prodcution to the organising of screenings. We talked about how he got started making films as a child and how the change in technology has enabled him to continue creating his own projects but also work on mainstream TV and films. 

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DIY Film Making and Crowdfunding…

  • How he got started in film making? [0 mins 0 secs]
  • The most effective order to put together a film in. [8 mins]
    • Steve Hicklick composer?
  • How to crowdfund without social media? [10 mins]
  • Why is there less risk when there’s less money involved? [17 mins]
  • You were involved in a crowdfunding project for a film you wrote earlier this year, how was that different to working on a major release film like the Death of Stalin? [17 mins]
  • The value of writing for the sake of it. [22 mins]
  • How to not be precious with your writing. [27 mins]
  • How it was writing for your comedy hereos? [30 mins]
  • How do you detach your ego from your writing? [36 mins]
  • What difference does an award make? [41 mins]
  • How much work do you get vs your agent? [46 mins]
  • How did you find the right agent? [48 mins]
  • What’s the biggest problem in the industry and how would he solve it? [55 mins]







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