EP105 – Kate Lennon – UTC Artists Management.

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Total run time: 1 hour 12 mins 23 secs.

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About this episode…

Not only does Kate (@KateLennon) work for UTC Artist Management where she is in charge of overseeing, developing and extending the live arm but also works to develop the careers of comedians including Mo Gilligan, Dane Baptiste and Sophie Willan. She was also head of comedy at Funny Women booking talent for gigs and running workshops, conferences and the annual Funny Women awards!

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Funny Women…

  • What does “head of comedy” at Funny Women do? [0 mins 50 secs]
  • I love the idea of Funny Women, although do sometimes feel like it can make women look like a genre of comedy which I am not for, did you find that was the case? Or did you find that people who thought that just wouldn’t come to the gigs / competitions? [8 mins]
  • I think I am right in saying you started the “Time of the Month” gig? How do you find theming a gig helps with promotion? [8mins]

UTC Agent…

  • As an agent what do you do and what don’t you do? [0 mins 0 secs]
    • You were in the sketch group Kitten Killers for a while before becoming an agent, what made you move away from that into a full time job?
    • Do you think your sketch work has helped you know the live landscape better?
      • I’ve often thought I’d prefer an agent who has tried stand up just once. [12 mins]
    • I noticed you don’t represent any sketch acts, do you prefer to represent solo / duo comedians or would you like to rep a sketch act?
  • What do and don’t you do? [14 mins]
  • How does UTC separate its management are from its club or are they the same business?
    • When signing an act does that mean they get more spots at UTC?
    • What do the audience at UTC like comedy wise?
  • Is the Black Out an incubator for your finding new talent? [15 mins]
    • Do the UTC agents go and watch new acts?
  • UTC have a much more diverse lineup of acts than some other agents. I was wondering how you decide how to sign someone and if it matters what stage in their career they are at? [22 mins]
  • Should a performer pick approach you? [30 mins]
  • How do you use Edinburgh? [1 hour]
  • What role does social media play in the life of an act? [32 mins]
    • Do you use it to work out where to book tour dates? [32 mins]
    • What awards are the ones you want your act to have when touring? [32 mins]

Social media…

  • What do you think about the online opportunities for your acts and do you think they are being seeing as “lesser” achievements than more established mainstream avenues? [44 mins]
    • NetFlix specials / YouTube series / Podcast vs radio etc. [44 mins]

Everything else…

  • What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made and how did you get over it? 1 hour 2 mins]
  • What are the common misconceptions people have about what you do? [1 hour 4 mins]
  • Who do you think is the most underrated person in your industry? [1 hour 7 mins]
    • Leicester Square theatre.
  • What do you think is the biggest problem in the comedy industry and how would you go about solving it? [1 hour 9 mins]






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