EP100 – Jon Mountague – Comedy Commissioning Editor at Sky.

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EP100 – Jon Mountague – Comedy Commissioning Editor at Sky.


Total run time: 1 hour 17 mins 52 secs.

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About Jon Mountague…

Jon Mountague (@montiQu) is the comedy Commissioning Editor at Sky which means he heads up a team of commissioning editors who, between them pick and develop comedy shows for Sky, Sky Arts, Sky One and more.

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Sky Comedy Commissioning…

  • What the difference between a commissioner and a commissioner editor. [0 mins 0 secs]
  • What are Sky doing to support up and coming writers?
  • Would you work with a writer who didn’t have an agent? [8 mins]
  • Second screen experience and his thoughts on it. [18 mins]
  • What makes a hit? [20 mins]
  • What percentage of your shows are made in house vs production houses?
    • Does that mean it is better to send ideas to production houses or to you directly?
  • What factors outside of money come into play when deciding which shows to schedule / commission?
  • How many pilots do you make and how many of those become shows?
  • I noticed you’re experimenting a little bit with some exciting new shows like Stuck which is a studio sitcom, is this going to be a regular thing? How was developing that? Do you think it could become a series? [25 mins] https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/stuck_2017/
    • How has social media impacted your choice of shows and how you scout for new writers? [12 mins 30secs]
    • You’re investing more in online Comedy Shorts like the Halloween ones that have just come out, do you think any of these would become a series or do you commission them as a short and that’s the only intention? [10 mins]
    • Do you intend to move some of your content to YouTube or any other online platforms? [12 mins 30 secs]
    • What do you think of on-demand players or online distributors like NetFlix? Are they competition or exciting developments?
  • How do you judge if you can carry on with a project / idea that is in a new style for you? [29 mins]
  • How do you scout for new talent at the Edinburgh Fringe? [38 mins]
  • How he uses the internet to find new talent? [42 mins]


Derby County FC Podcast…

  • What’s it like making TV for 11 million subscribers and then going home to make an episode of his niche podcast to a significantly lower number of subscribers.

Everything else…

  • What are the best books on comedy, writing, stand up etc you’ve read? [59 mins]
  • Best show you’ve ever seen? [1 hour 1 min]
  • What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made and how did you get over it? [1 hour 2 mins]
  • If you could go back to give yourself one bit of advice before your first job in TV… what would it be? [1 hour 4 mins]







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