EP122 – Jeremy Dyson – The power of failing, asking for help and writing in partnerships.

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EP122 – Jeremy Dyson – The power of failing, asking for help and writing in partnerships.


Total run time: 2 hour 27 mins 16 secs.

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About this episode…

Jeremy Dyson (@dysonjeremy) is an author, musician and screenwriter best known as one of the League of Gentlemen and the co-writer of the horror film Ghost Stories. We talked about how he got his early work, how rejection was actually really good for him and why asking for help is just as important as giving back and helping when you’re in a position to do so.

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In this episode we talked about…

  • Thoughts on the industry [0 mins]
  • What were you doing before you started in comedy and what were your aims when you began? [4 mins]
  • When did you first have imposter syndrome? [8 mins]
  • How did you get into a revue? [14 mins]
  • When did you write something that you thought was good for the first time? [17 mins]
  • How his relationship with the Edinburgh Fringe has developed and changed. [19 mins]
  • When you started what was the first step in achieving that goal?
  • What was your first paid job in comedy? [21 mins]
  • How long did it take for you to go full time? [24 mins]
  • What are the hardest parts about moving a show from a live to radio medium? [24 mins]
  • How the “old boys club” began and the truth behind it. [30 mins]
  • His practical advice on starting an indie production house. [1 hour 20 mins]
  • Did you develop shows with channels or did you take ideas to channels? [1 hour 30 mins]
  • How did you sell TalkBack? [1 hour 32 mins]
  • Why did you get in to presenting? [1 hour 38 mins]
  • The state of sketch comedy on TV. Do you think it’s fallen out of favour with TV channels? [1 hour 50 mins]
  • Building an audience for his live work later in life? [1 hour 55 mins]
  • How he is building an hour. [1 hour 57 mins]
  • What’s your relationship like with social media? [2 hours 14 mins]
  • Why was it called talkback? [3 mins]
  • Why start a production company? Did it help you look more professional? [53 mins]
  • What was the first hit you were in and did you know it was a hit? [1 hour 6 mins]
  • How did you find pitching shows in the early days? [1 hour 8 mins]
  • What was the measure of success if it wasn’t money? [1 hour 11 mins]
  • Were there any shows / sketches / episodes of shows you look back on and think, that wouldn’t get made now ? [1 hour 15 mins]







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