EP121 – Griff Rhys Jones – Founder of Talkback and how the “old boys” network began.

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EP121 – Griff Rhys Jones – Founder of Talkback and how the “old boys” network began.


Total run time: 2 hour 27 mins 16 secs.

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About this episode…

Griff Rhys Jones is a Welsh comedian, writer, actor and television presenter. In this rare, lengthy and in-depth interview we discussed his origins in the industry, how he made award-winning but not profit making radio adverts which led him into TV and now, in his “retirement” he’s taken up stand up and is trying to build himself a live audience.

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In this episode we talked about…

  • Thoughts on the industry [0 mins]
  • What were you doing before you started in comedy and what were your aims when you began? [4 mins]
  • When did you first have imposter syndrome? [8 mins]
  • How did you get into a revue? [14 mins]
  • When did you write something that you thought was good for the first time? [17 mins]
  • How his relationship with the Edinburgh Fringe has developed and changed. [19 mins]
  • When you started what was the first step in achieving that goal?
  • What was your first paid job in comedy? [21 mins]
  • How long did it take for you to go full time? [24 mins]
  • What are the hardest parts about moving a show from a live to radio medium? [24 mins]
  • How the “old boys club” began and the truth behind it. [30 mins]
  • His practical advice on starting an indie production house. [1 hour 20 mins]
  • Did you develop shows with channels or did you take ideas to channels? [1 hour 30 mins]
  • How did you sell TalkBack? [1 hour 32 mins]
  • Why did you get in to presenting? [1 hour 38 mins]
  • The state of sketch comedy on TV. Do you think it’s fallen out of favour with TV channels? [1 hour 50 mins]
  • Building an audience for his live work later in life? [1 hour 55 mins]
  • How he is building an hour. [1 hour 57 mins]
  • What’s your relationship like with social media? [2 hours 14 mins]
  • Why was it called talkback? [3 mins]
  • Why start a production company? Did it help you look more professional? [53 mins]
  • What was the first hit you were in and did you know it was a hit? [1 hour 6 mins]
  • How did you find pitching shows in the early days? [1 hour 8 mins]
  • What was the measure of success if it wasn’t money? [1 hour 11 mins]
  • Were there any shows / sketches / episodes of shows you look back on and think, that wouldn’t get made now ? [1 hour 15 mins]







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