EP49 – The European Comedy Festival Network – Live Q&A

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EP49 – The European Comedy Festival Network – Live Q&A



Total run time: 1 hour 24 mins 49 secs.

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About the pancel…

1) Geoff Rowe – Founder of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. http://www.comedy-festival.co.uk/

2) Maria Jeppesen – Zulu Comedy Festival (Copenhagen) http://zulucomedyfestival.dk/zcf

3) Chi Ton International Comedy Box Festival (formally ‘TouMAZEing’, Stavanger) https://www.facebook.com/events/1020173578043661/

4) Sam Avery (Liverpool Comedy Festival) – http://www.thecomedytrust.com/

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Here’s a bunch of stand out quotes from the pod…

“We have an exchange program with DLCF where we bring comedians over and Dave sends some to us.” – Maria Jeppesen – Zulu Comedy Festival

“We’re here to scout for shows which we think will work for Danish audiences.”  – Maria Jeppesen – Zulu Comedy Festival

“The difference is that comedy is new as it only started in the 90s. It’s like it was inUK in the 80s. There’s a lot of excitement around live performing and Norway has a big history with Sketch comedy. But people aren’t really used to stand up as an artform.” – Chi Ton – International Comedy Box Festival

“We’re very alternative. We want to showcase a lot of different types of stand up. And we make the audience aware what they’re buying a ticket for so they’re open to it.” – Chi Ton – International Comedy Box Festival

“we advertise to people to buy for the quality of the act and don’t sell it on their name.” – Chi Ton – International Comedy Box Festival

“Liverpool is known as one of the hardest place to perform stand up but we’re working to change that.” – Sam Avery (Liverpool Comedy Festival)

“We have to be different to Edinburgh and other festivals because the locals and audiences like certain things and we have to accommodate it.” – Sam Avery (Liverpool Comedy Festival)

“The biggest bit of advice I can give a performer is to learn the model for the festival before booking. So the model for LDCF is we rely heavily on our promoters and what they want to put on.” – Geoff Rowe – Founder of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

“About 30% of our audiences (30,000 people) come from outside of Leicestershire. And we are always trying to attract more people in by increasing our advertising. Which Dave has helped with as it gives us more money to promote the festival.” – Geoff Rowe – Founder of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

“We’re working on changing perceptions about what comedy is. Tous it’s anything that makes you laugh.There’s too many people who go to stand up once and don’t enjoy it and say that comedy isn’t for them. But you wouldn’t listen to one song and say music isn’t for you.” – Maria Jeppesen – Zulu Comedy Festival



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