EP83 – Brendon Burns – What’s the difference between joke theft and parallel thinking?

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EP83 – Brendon Burns – What’s the difference between joke theft and parallel thinking?


Total run time: 1 hour 22 mins 47 secs.

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About Brendon Burns…

Brendon Burns (@brendonburns) is an Australian stand-up comedian and author who is known for his boisterous stage presence and controversial material. We got talking about how he found his audience through podcasting and has continued to grow it through touring new shows and giving away free content online.

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Early career / clubs…

  • Stage names and avoiding giving away too much of your life through the internet / social media and podcasting. [12 mins]
  • People’s perceptions of him and why his stage persona makes people think certain things that just aren’t true. [18 mins]
  • What’s the major differences between him onstage and him off stage? [21 mins 45 secs]
  • Why he (and a lot of other) comedians move out of London. [40 mins]
  • Why he stopped doing traditional comedy clubs.[42 mins]
  • Ego. Ownership of ideas and how he handles his peers getting more sucess than him. [46 mins]

Social media / free content…

  • Why did you start podcasting? [0 mins 0 secs]
    • You said because you wanted to find an audience and the real comedy fans stopped going…
  • Why ratings go up when his son or wife are on the podcast. [10 mins 15 secs]
  • How does he move forward creatively when his self selected audience are creating an echo chamber for him as they all like him. [1 hour 7 mins]

Everything else…

  • What advice would you give to a comedian who wanted to start their own fanbase? [ 1 hour 14 mins 50 secs]






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