EP109 – Arthur Matthews – Co-writer of Father Ted.

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EP109 – Arthur Matthews – Co-writer of Father Ted.


Total run time: 1 hour 21 mins 44 secs.

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About this episode…

Arthur Mathews is an Irish comedy writer and actor who, often with writing partner Graham Linehan, has either written or contributed to a number of television comedies, such as Father Ted. He’s also written for Harry Enfield and Chums, Hippies and The Fast Show.

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  • Who are you? [0 mins]
  • How do you scout for talent? [1 min]
  • How important are awards to you? [5 mins]
  • What are the roles involved in cruise ship talent? [6 mins]
  • What does it take? [10 mins]
  • Do specific ships look for specific acts? [11 mins]
  • Is the cruise ship market expanding?
  • How do you deal with comedians who bomb on ships? [13 mins]
    • How do you support the mental health of those comedians?
    • Is it true that there’s been a comedian who bombed so hard they were airlifted off?
  • Why cruise ships?
  • Are they booked for every night the same show or are they booked for 5 nights out of 7 etc. [15 mins]
    • How many shows do they do? Are they at random times of the day or night time etc
    • How much material does a comedian need to do a cruise, just an hour every time or do they have a high burn rate?
  • What do you scout for first… an act or a ship because there’s a real chicken or egg situation.  [13 mins]
  • How do comedians try out for spots on ships? [17 mins]
  • How much notice do you give an act for a cruise?
    • Is there a schedule like gigging on land or is it sporadic?
  • How has the industry changed in the last 30 years?
    • Has political correctness impacted comedians on ships?
  • Do cruise acts tend to do just cruises or clubs as well?
  • Does the comedian get any down time or is it like Edinburgh where you are always on? [22 mins]
  • Do the ships have a comedy club or a general theatre?
    • How do line ups work? Are comedians booked for a headline / opening / middle slot or their whole show?
  • Do you read trip adviser reviews / social media reviews of acts and does this impact if you’ll rebook an act?
  • Is there a low number that you don’t run the show for? Given it’s included in the price of the cruise for the punted and they can come / leave as they want.







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