EP60 – Andrew Ellard – The art of sitcom script writing.

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EP60 – Andrew Ellard – The art of sitcom script writing.


Total run time: 1 hour 08 mins 58 secs.

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About Andrew Ellard…

Andrew is the script editor and consultant of choice. He’s highly recommended by some of the biggest comedy writers including Doug Naylor and Graham Lineham. He’s been the script editor on The IT Crowd, Red Dwarf, Chewing Gum and more!

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Here’s a list of questions we covered…


  • What is a script editor? [1 mins]
  1. Rob Popper Pod
  • Are titles becoming less relevant in TV? [6 mins]
  • The history and future of credits [12 mins 53 secs]
  • What’s the difference between script editing and a script consultant?
  • How does NetFlix work vs traditional TV [20 mins]
  • What do people say when they recommend you (Andrew)? [22 mins 30 secs]
  • How did you get started in TV? [26 mins 30 secs]
  • His first sitcom and how he made it himself [35 mins 15 secs]
  • I’m not with him.


    • Did you always want to be one?
    • Are you alone as an editor or are you in a team?
    • Do you work from home / an office?
    • Do you find it hard to not rewrite when you’re editing?
    • Do you get paid per-script or per day or per note?
    • What do you do between scripts (and in the early days trying to make a name for yourself?)


  • What were the milestones that helped you become so established? [35 mins 15 secs]
  • How did you gain the trust of writers to get to give them notes? [37 mins]
  • How he makes money as a freelancer [42 mins]
  • The value of constructive feedback to a writer. [45 mins]
  • Tweetnotes… do you ever fear insulting your peers with those? [58 mins]
  • Common script mistakes [55 mins]
  • What does an average day look like for a script editor? [1 hour 1 mins]

Sitcom advice…

  • The world doing something to the character is what most people write. Why do you think people make this mistake?


    • How would recommend writing a script? Start with the characters / the ideas etc.
  • Why did you say sitcoms don’t have a “first act”? Is it down to time restraints?

Everything else…

  • What is the most interesting thing you do that nobody else ever sees?  [ 1 hour 13 mins]
  • Who do you think is the most underrated person in your industry?  [ 1 hour 13 mins]
  • Jason Hensley and Joel Morris
  • What do you think is the biggest problem in the comedy industry and how would you go about solving it? [1 hour 13 mins 40 secs]
  • Advice on writing a pitch doc for a sitcom. [1 hour 15 mins 10 secs]









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