EP 27 – Aidan Goatley – How To Do A Show For 5 Consecutive Years (and not go mad)

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EP 27 – Aidan Goatley – How To Do A Show For 5 Consecutive Years (and not go mad)

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Total run time: 1 hour 19 mins 24 secs.

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About Aidan Goatley…

Aidan Goatley has been performing his debut show “10 Films With My Dad” for 5 consecutive years at the Edinburgh Fringe. He’s had outstanding reviews and been praised heavily. I got him on to talk about taking a show back to Edinburgh, organising your own tour and distributing your show via the internet. 

You can find and support his crowdfunding attempts to get his show professionally recorded here. And find the book version of his show here. Also he will be at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, details of his show are here.

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Here’s a list of questions we covered…

Taking a Show To The Edinburgh Fringe for more than 2 years.


  • Have you found much “repeat” audience”? [7 mins 38 mins]
  • Do you ever think you’ll run out of audience for the show? [10 mins 20 secs]
  • Does “word-of-mouth” continue on from previous years? [14 mins 28 secs]
  1. Luisa Omielan’s podcast
  • How have you found branding the show? Have you kept the same posters or evolved them each year? [15 mins 23 secs]
  • Creating marketing materials / a good minute pitch / posters for a show. [19 mins 18 secs]
  • Did you move rooms / venues? [7 mins 38 secs]
  • How he wrote the show and how to structure a show. [33 mins 57 secs]
  1. Jill Edwards Pod.
  • How did you come up with the marketing materials, show title and poster? [29 mins 48 secs]

Brighton Fringe vs Edinburgh Fringe

  • You’re doing the Brighton Fringe this year, which is your hometown Festival and the first time you’ve done it. Why now? [26 mins 53 secs]
  • What’s the difference in promoting in Brighton vs Edinburgh? [20 mins 23 secs]
  1. Julian Caddy’s podcast
  2. Jill Edward’s podcast.
  • What advice would you give someone who is looking at doing the Brighton Fringe as a performer who has been to get exposure?
  • How was it taking your successful Edinburgh show to Brighton Fringe (a much smaller festival)? [38 mins 03 secs]
  • What marketing advice does he have for someone looking at doing their first Brighton Fringe show? [38 mins 23 secs]
  • Local venue & publication knowledge[41 mins 53 secs]

Distributing a Show Digitally

  • You recorded your 150th performance for 10 Films and have plans to sell it using USB sticks, why that medium? [47 mins 11 secs]
  • Thoughts on Pay What You Want models [46 mins 26 secs]
  1. His heckler video.
  2. The book version of the show.
  • The pros and cons of putting up material online and if you have to burn a show when you do. [48 mins 08 secs]
  • The value of his social media and what he uses his for. [49 mins 59 secs]
  • Does social media help your shows? [50 mins 38 secs]
  1. Luisa Omielan pod
  • Do you think releasing it on YouTube will have a positive or negative impact on future live audiences?

Organising your own tour and gigging abroad.

  • How did you organise the tour?  [54 mins 23 secs]
  • How hard is it to coordinate a tour? [54 mins 23 secs]
  • Did you have to adjust the show for the foreign audiences? [1 hour 03 mins 58 secs]

Organising your own tour and gigging abroad.

  • Is your family a driving force / motivating factor? [1 hour 05 mins 16 secs]
  • Favourite comedians [1 hour 08 mins 13 secs]
  1. Billy Connolly
  • Favourite books [1 hour 09 mins 06 secs]
  1. Stewart Lee – How I Escaped My Certain Fate
  2. Douglas Adams
  • Advice for someone taking a show up to Edinburgh and advice for someone taking a show back to the Fringe for a 2nd year. [1 hour 09 mins 38 secs]







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