5 Ways To Find Gigs During The Edinburgh Fringe

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5 Ways To Find Gigs During The Edinburgh Fringe

After getting 5 messages in a week about getting spots during the Edinburgh Fringe I thought I’d write a blog post. Personally I only book theme nights ahead of time and then take whatever gigs I get offered or randomly find.

PLEASE IGNORE the links which have been crossed out. I have installed an app which detects deadlines, but this app also picks up other links which do work. I’ve checked every link, so I’ve no idea why it is doing this. I’m working on solving it.

Here’s 5 ways to find gigs if you want to be WAY more organised than me –

  1. Go to EdFringe.com and search for events which have “showcase”, “selection”, “hand picked” and any number of other phrases you’d imagine a good promoter would use to describe a gig which is made of a line up of performs. The MC is usually the person booking, or alternatively they’ll know who books. I find browsing the website easier and faster than the programme, and given a lot of shows are now badly listed in the print version, I’d say avoid it.
  2. Go to the free fringe promoters websites (Laughing Horse, Freestival, Bob’s Bookshop) and go through their listings. Most showcase shows which are easy to get booked onto are free. And so it makes sense to browse those websites.
  3. On the Ed Fringe website you can also search by venue. So if you know (for example) the Free Sisters has a lot of free shows you see everything listed there here. You can find a list of free venues on the websites of the different Free Fringe venues they operate.
  4. Browse Edinburgh specific forums like the Edinburgh Fringe Performer Collective or Ed Fringe Performer Forum. There’s usually spots or discussions going on in there.
  5. Email Laughing Horse, Freestival and Bob’s Bookshop. The people who run the Free Fringe often run their own shows (Laughing Horse runs Shaggers and Huggers and has done for a number of years). These shows are always looking for new and interesting acts to perform.

If you have some time, please also consider coming to my show – Buddhism & Cats. It’s at 7.30pm every day (not 18th or 24th) at Just The Tonic Caves. And it’s free fringe!

I was a Cowgate Head act who had to rehouse their show. So I’m happy to anyone who is willing to come and support me. I’ve also set up free EventBrite tickets for every Edinburgh show. So if you want to reserve a seat you can. This is just an experiment. I am trying to see if it works. Here are the ticket links –

Free tickets for 7th August 2015

Free tickets for 8th August 2015

Free tickets for 9th August 2015

Free tickets for 10th August 2015

Free tickets for 11th August 2015

Free tickets for 12th August 2015

Free tickets for 13th August 2015

Free tickets for 14th August 2015

Free tickets for 15th August 2015

Free tickets for 16th August 2015

Free tickets for 17th August 2015

Free tickets for 18th August 2015

Free tickets for 19th August 2015

Free tickets for 20th August 2015

Free tickets for 21st August 2015

Free tickets for 22nd August 2015

Free tickets for 23rd August 2015

Free tickets for 24th August 2015

Free tickets for 25th August 2015

Free tickets for 26th August 2015

Free tickets for 27th August 2015

Free tickets for 28th August 2015

Free tickets for 29th August 2015

Free tickets for 30th August 2015

Finally, bit of bonus content, I run a podcast and a lot has been said on the subject of Fringe shows. I’d say you should listen to the one with Neil Mackinnon (Edinburgh Fringe Head of External Affairs), comedian Bec Hill and Luisa Omielan.

If you liked this post, feel free to share it about. I’d love it to help as many people as possible. Also if you have any more ideas on how to find spots, feel free to list them in the comments below. Oh and if you’re a promoter and want to book me at the Fringe feel free to message me on Facebook or email.



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